The Christian Enemy; Rav Shlomo Aviner Shlit"a.

The Christian Enemy

By. Rav Shlomo Aviner Shlit"a

We have large accounts with Christianity, a bloody accounts. Christianity is the Jewish blood spilled over throughout history - whether through devout Christians, less devout Christians, and people absorbed the Christian culture. The Holocaust was the work of the Germans, who never denied his Christianity.

The Christians agreed to exterminate us - by sword, or any other form. But why? What did we do?

Is that Christians argue that they are the authentic Am Israel (the people of Israel). There was an attempt that we are Am Israel, but according to their way of thinking we failed, and so we were replaced by a new Am Israel: Israel Am. We are the meat, but they are the spiritual Israel Am, the true Am Israel - Verus Israel.   For they, we're the Old Am Israel,, only historical slags that should disappear completely. But despite their anger, we do not disappear - and we argue that we are Am Israel. So they do everything they can to "help" to disappear: pogroms, inquisition and conversion by force. Jews who refused to convert were thrown into the fire, their bellies were cut, were beaten to death, women raped, their wealth was stolen, they drowned and knock down - through the religion which dubs itself " religion of love. " This religion preaches that when you get a slap, you must offer the other cheek - but in practice it was she who struck us all the time. And worse than this: At the moment we were replaced, we don't deserve to exist in this world. We must cease to exist, or convert to Christianity.

But we are a stubborn people, and do not cease to exist. Thus, Christianity had to take another theory: No matter if these people continue to exist, the important thing is they to be humiliated. Being a poor and afflicted people is a living-dead monument attesting that Christianity is true, as "the new and true Am Israel" is important, has a billion and a half of supporters - in contrast to the Jews, are miserable, poor and needy. On the contrary, that they remain so for eternity, as an excellent test. So writes the Christian religious philosopher Pascal - who was also a renowned mathematician.

In summary, there are three solutions: Disappear, converting to Christianity or at least be humbled in exile - the persecuted Jew, lonely and wandering. On this basis, they chased us and made us suffer until death.

Compared to them, the Arab problem is inferior: In our absence, they were accustomed to living on our land and also craved power. It is a territorial conflict. But the conflict with Christianity is not for a piece of land, but something basic, essential - Am Who is Israel? Or us, or them. Thus Christianity is behaving as the infernal triangle: kill, convert or humiliate.

But there was a flaw in their plan: We returned to our land, and the State of Israel was created. The prophets predicted that Am Israel will return to their land, but for Christians is they who must return  -not us-. They did not return, we do. A big problem! At the beginning of the Holocaust, the Pope called upon all Christians of the world leaders in every way possible to ban the birth of the State of Israel - because it all depends the fate of Christianity, not only to his throne. In fact, the prophecies are fulfilled in us. We are no longer the wandering Jew, the Jew alone - we are a respectable people, living on our land. Now we can not be slapped because Tzaha "l (the Israel Defense Forces) knows and fold back - whoever gives us a slap on the cheek, will get two slaps on both cheeks, for all to see and fear.

There was a mishap in their plan, but then they said: It is true that the State of Israel was created, but surely it will fall apart - and we will help to break it down, causing the imbalance.
So far the Catholic conception. In contrast, the damned Protestants argue that the issue is not urgent:  let them to return to their land, to build their state - and even the Beit HaMikdash (Temple) - and when they finish, they all convert to Christianity. And that will be a great event, very important! Of course, today we also must strive to convert Jews to Christianity because we no longer can kill them, they have their own army. Humiliating them also became difficult. But  we still they can convert them, and that's what the Protestants in the world - and especially in Israel-  are doing. The budget of the missionaries in Israel is millions of dollars - it's twice that of all other countries combined.

From their point of view, convert a Jew is a great success - but doing it in Israel, is the most important. So Am Israel will cease to exist. In our country there are many missionaries: 8000 working full-time payments, many others who work part-time, and tens of thousands of volunteers doing their work when necessary. All of them work in silence and deceiving people, doing evil and cunning. They lie to the Jews who are economically disadvantaged, give them money without speaking a word of Christianity, again and again. In this way are linked to them, and after a year or two start to talk about religion. They work without break, their goal is to convert all Am Israel. Of course, we should not worry too much: They will not succeed. But even convertingo some Jews, is a disgrace. We must be vigilant and fight against this shame and such disgrace.

There is a sect that is nicknamed "Jehovah's Witnesses", which comprises money and booklets that look very innocent, "Am Israel - what is it?".  "What is Judaism?". "What is the Messiah?".  A Star of David is drawned on the Booklets, the candlestick and other Jewish symbols. They penetrate slowly into the Jewish world. All of these missionaries, of all kinds, looking miserable Jews: Economic problems, psychological problems, quarrels between spouses, problems of education of the children ... They speak to the hearts, and slowly poison them.

And there are worse: "Jews for Jesus" - some of them are Jews who converted to Christianity. They wear a kippa, speak Hebrew and enlist in the military. Also their children are missionaries: The child wears a knitted kippa, studying at a yeshiva Tichonit (religious high school) and participates in activities Bney Akiva (religious youth movement) - but he's a missionary.  Also his daughter is in the Ulpena (religious high school for girls). Go to Beit Haknesset (Synagogue), dress like Jews, pray like Jews - do not reveal their identity.   They teach Tanach (Bible) Classes that seem quite common and normal - but with time, introducing Christian ideas. Are about 5000, living in the country - also in the settlements. In Yerushalayim's Midrechov some times you will see Hasidim (Hasidic members of a stream) of Breslov who dance and sing:  No! They are missionaries in disguise. There are also authentic Breslov Chassidim who pass by, and in their innocence they fall into the trap, sing and dance with them ...

Some of them are disguised as Breslov Chassidim, Leummim datiim (religious nationalist) or others, and there are those who disguise themselves as haredi (ultra-orthodox). They go from house to house in haredi neighborhoods and hand out money - as if it were a charity. Return again and again, and go trapping his victims with their net.
They made us suffer through the generations, and still continue to try to convince us that there is a person who is a god, a god-human, three are one, one that is three... Already we hear in front of the fire, when they told us: "Become a Christian, or will throw a fire!". And answered: "Hear, O Israel, the Lord is our God, the Lord is one!".   So maybe they'll leave us alone now?
No! They do not stop. They are in the country, and hunt unfortunate souls. Buy them with money, and then convert them to Christianity - they do the baptism in the Kineret or the swimming pool of a hotel.
We must open our eyes and fight. The organization "Yad L'Achim" struggle for decades ago against the missionaries. But it's not only its role:  It's the role of every single Jew - religious or secular, rightist or leftist, Ashkenazi or Sfaradi - to stop these disgusting actions, when they dare to come to our own land to convert to Christianity. 

They also act in the diaspora, but the Jews there are more careful. They have good "antenna" to know the difference. But here in our land, is more difficult. In a corner of Tel-Aviv there are two guys sitting, singing songs of Eretz Israel (the Land of Israel), accompanied by guitars - how will you know if they are missionaries? They distribute free books of Judaism - and only at the end Jesus is named.

We must be careful, be aware of the danger. They work hard within the circles of Olim (immigrants) from Russia - and some of them are Christians who arrived in the country covered by the "Law of Return."
Therefore, we must not forget that Christianity is the enemy number One throughout the history. Arab murderers predators are nothing in comparison. Arab weapons are also Christian arms: Arabs do not know how to manufacture weapons. 400 years ago they got stuck - from the standpoint of cultural, scientific and technological development. They do not know how to manufacture weapons, and if Christians do not sell, there will be peace. The desired peace will come by itself. But Christians sell them weapons and teach them to use. The Christians are our main enemy, in every generation. 

The Ramba"m writes that the entire Torah is a struggle against idolatry (More Nebuchim 3:29). Christianity is idolatry disguised as Tanach (Orot, p. 34): Idolator for the inside, Jewish for the outside.   "There is no more Jewish, there is no Greek "- Paulus said. You can be Jewish and Greek at the same time: a Greek idol inside, a jew outside. Therefore, our struggle against Christianity is the same struggle against idolatry - although much more complex and sophisticated.

It is no an accident that in the book "Orot" - the great book of Rav Kuk, where he speaks of the rebirth of the nation, the return to Zion, the rebuilding of the earth - is so much talk of Christianity, our opponent, and it's said the enormous damage that occurs to humanity. The answer to Christianity, in Israel,  is its rebirth: Also for this rebirth, thanks to G-d. We return to our land, we also reinforce and strengthen our fight against them.

We will reinforce and strengthen us.

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