Messianic and Nazarene HYPOCRISY!

The Messianics/Nazarenes say that they don't  follow Rabbinic Judaism because we have "polluted the biblical judaism", they say we have damaged and distorted the biblical faith by following the halachot of our rabbis (they say they are "teachings and laws of men"). They claim to follow "Biblical Judaism", however, I see them and what they do does not match with their words. I ask about them:

Why do they use mezuzot, if the design, content and use of these is provided by the Rabbinic Halacha? The Bible only talks about writing on door jambs, but it doesn't say how to obey that mitzvah.  The mezuzot are the Rabbinical answer according jewish tradition of how that mitzvah is have to be made.

Why do they wear yarmulkes if it is a Rabbinical tradition?

Why do they use lulav and etrog, if the Bible only speaks about beautiful fruits and branches, and It was the Rabbinic Halakha which stipulated the 4 plant species?

Why do they use jewish tzitziot if the Bible mentions only the fringe, but it's only the Rabbinic Halacha which says how to knot the yarns, the shape of the tzitziot and its laws?

Why do they use tallit? Bible only speaks about "tzitziot", and the Rabbinic Halacha said that in order to fulfill the mitzvah of tzitziot, there should be a tallit.

Why do they celebrate Bar / Bat Mitzvah if that's a Rabbinical stipulation?

Why do they light pre-Shabbat lights if this is a practic and rabbinic law?

Why do they use rabbinical symbols?

Why do they  Havdalah ceremony if prescribed by rabbinic Judaism?

Why do they celebrate Hanukkah if it's a party that's not covered in the Bible but was ordered by the rabbis?

Why do they wear tefillin? The Bible only says phylacteries to be used, but it was Rabbinical Jewish law that explained what are the phylacteries, how are made, how they should be used, what verses should be inside and how to knot and use them.

Why do they use Machzorim and Siddurim, if these are books of prayers that follow what the rabbis (in its different nusachim) have provided for: order of prayers, content, views, customs and their laws?

Why do they study the wonders of Kabbalah or Chassidut if these are part of Rabbinical Jewish heritage, wich according to them, paradoxically, is "far from the true path of G-d [Chalillah!]?

Why do they imitate rabbinical religious rites?

Why do they do Kabbalat Shabbat, sing "shalom alejem" and held a dinner with bread, wine and delicacies, as mandated by the Rabbinical Halachal? Why do they make Kiddush? Why do they pray Birchat Hamazon or the triple blessing over the wine?

Why do they say Brachot if they were composed and arranged to be said for Rabbinical Judaism?

Why do they speak (without knowing) about a Messiah ben Yosef,  If that character is unique to Rabbinical Judaism and its literature?

Why do they try to build Sukkot under the laws of Rabbinical Judaism?

Why do they rejoice in Tu B'Shvat if it's not a party of Bible but instead, a Rabbinical one?

Why do they use the traditional Jewish calendar, if all its guidelines and appraisal forms were released by the Rabbinical Judaism?

Why do they prefer Kosher sealed food (K ​​- U) if all the rules of kashrut of those food are based on strict Orthodox halakha (rabbinical)?

Why do they pretend to count the Omer as we do, according to our rabbinical laws?

How can they say that our Halakhot are "laws of men" and say that we are blinded and lost the true path, but on the other hand, they try to do everything in their power to plagiarize and emulate us?

Their attitudes are hypocritical!


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