Today I’m gonna writte about some people who disguise themselves (they not “dress like” but “disguise”, this is the true word) with hassidic dresses, using bushy beards, black hats, yarmulke and talitot.  They call themselves “messianic”, “followers of yeshua”, “Nazarenes” or even “Natzratim”.
It’s a well-known fact that ALL those Hebrew-christian groups born from the “Missions to the jews”: sponsored and funded by the brittish christians, based on racial theories of “anglo-israelism” at the end of victorian era.
From that point, have come many types of lines that nowadays express their identity (assuming they have one different to –obviously- “Christianity”) with names like “messianic jews”,  “messianic-israelites”, “natzratim”…  each one disguised better (or not) than others, and with a camouflaged theology.
It’s good to remember that in the past the catholic church converted jews by forcing them, but the new invention of the Anglican church was to promote conversions not by force, but using soft methods: let the conversed jews preserve their traditions, their language, but with the commitment:  they would have to preach to their (still) jewish brothers in order to evangelize them to make them “complete jewish” (full-jewish) by accepting the Christian messiah (also disguised as “jewish”).
Today, that old and failed theology of the anglo-israelism has changed.  Now they assume that there are “the truly Israel” and the “unificated houses of Judah and Israel”.  Their religious leaders and pastors have thought them that they are “being restored” and all of these, preached in frenzied sermons (what they call “Revival”) has created new denominations and a lot of new independent churches.
One of the most renowned leaders of these groups is Daniel Hernandez, known as «Dan ben Abraham» or «Daniel Hayyim. »  He is a Christian pastor, NOT a Jew (didn’t born nor converted). He’s not a Rabbi NOR moreh (never in his life attended a Yeshiva)…  There is a well-documented fact that while telling his people he would go to Israel to study with rabbis, the truth was that he was traveling on vacation and stayed several times at Moshav Yad Hashmona, where is recognized and the staff witnessed that he lives as a Christian). This group is responsible for the creation of  «Royal Code” (a new new-testament.)
Like him, several others have been unmasked. These include the missionary Abdiel (Ariel) Frias (aka «Avdiel Oved Ben»), one of the founders of the group «Natzratim».  He’s a Cuban Christian pastor without education, has encouraged a group of «believers in Yehoshua of Natzrat», manufacturing for himself a new «Jesus» (He says «Iehoshua mi Natzrat») (note: in English means «Jesus of Nazareth») that is in accordance with its new interpretations of the Christian bible. His videos are well known because he appears dressed with hassidic style. One of the craziest and strangest ideas of this group is to claim that Jews and Christians created a «Yeshu» and «Jesus» to damage the image of the true historical person of the first century, but when you ask for evidence, they refuse to respond and remove your comments from their web pages. Think about it: if they say that the jewish «Yeshu» and the Christian «Jesus» are wrong and un-historical,   then they should be able to show real evidence dating from the first century (CE), but the truth is that they don’t have any evidence.   They don’t believe in Jewish and Christian historical sources of the early centuries, but they do not have one! They don’t have even a single historical source! There is no historical evidence (either written or oral tradition) to the effect that they are the true followers of the first century (CE) person. Moreover, this group called «natzratim» does not have even 20 years of existence.  Despite this missionary group disguises in a better way than others, their believers are a bunch of ignorant people (the most ignorant among missionaries).
Another missionary, Michael Rood. A former American military  dresses with extravagant costumes to showcase their ideas, which are nothing but an “hebrew” camouflage of an Adventist sect called «the sacred name movement».   He’s like other pseudo-rabbi, Marshall Koniuchowsky (aka «Moshe Yoseph Koniuchowsky).
Another issue about missionaries:  they re-edit the «New Testament» which they call «writtings of the first disciples. »   There’s widespread evidence that those books were created entirely by the authority of the Roman Catholic Church, and that is why they, who come from churches daughters of the Roman Catholic Church, still used them as a sacred compendium, but this time they modify it in order to sustain their innovative Christians disguised with a lot of Hebraisms on the language.
Anyway, in the net you can find more about those missionaries disguised as jews.  It’s time to unmask the sham.  Mankind will only see the truth when the Jewish souls come back to their origin, when all the people of Israel make tshuva, and when all the nations of the world to learn to be pious among nations (Noahides).
List of some missionaries (fake rabbis):
Truly Affiliation
(Mort) Moishe Rosen
Trinitarian Baptist Church.  Founder of “Jews for Jesus”.
Founder of “Jews for Jesus”.  Their teachings are Baptist teachings but disguised as “jewish”.
Angus  and   Batyah Wooten
Messianic Israel Alliance
Trinitary, followers of the “Two House” Christian theory.
Ariel Ehrmantrout, Eliyahu Aaronson,  Ari Crockett, Timothy Wilton Ehrmantrout
Torah for Christians   http://www.torah4christians.com
He pretend to be a rabbi.  Follower of the “Two House” Christians theory.   Against Halacha.  He’s not jewish (either for birth nor conversion).
Ariel Frias (aka «Avdiel Ben Oved» aka “Abdiel Frias”)
Adventist.  Arianist.  Founder of a new hebraized christian sect called “natzratim”.
Arianist Adventist. Despite of disguising like hassidic jew,  he’s against Judaism.  Together with Pedro Nuñez, Orlando Carrasco, Raúl Vera Ruiz (aka «marta r. natzratim» «raul ruiz vera» «guever») and other christians, founded the “natzratim” movement.
They claim to be the originals followers of Jesus (ee-a-hoshoo-a) but obviously, don’t have any historical evidences.  The truth is they are neo-hebraized Christians but the feel embarrassed.
Some relatives of him founded a corporative network at Florida, dedicated to missionary marketing.
Baruch Barry Rubin
Emmanuel Messianic Jewish Congregation
Trinitary, self-appointed “rabbi”.
Bob Fishman
Catholic (member of «Brothers and Sisters of Charity Domestic»)
A Catholic laic who pretend to associate jewish rituals to his Christian ones.  Occasionally he disguise with tallit and kippah.   He’s a Mumar (a jew converted to another faith) and by Halacha he is not jewish any more.
Daniel Hernandez (aka «Dan Ben Avraham», «Dan Hayyim»…)
Arianist Christian
Arianist missionary. He’s not jewish (not by birth bor by conversion).  Self-appointed “rabbi” and “moreh”.  He’s the author of his own version of the Christian bible called “Royal Code” (Código Real).  Has been accused (a lot of times) of fraud because have sell non-valid conversions and fake titles of yeshiva.
Daniel Thomson
Christian, owner of http://www.jewisheyes.org
Self-appointed  «Rabbi». Trinitary.
Dr. Michael Brown
Christian.  ICN Ministries
Trinitary.  Manipulated the jewish literature and use it in order to demonstrate his beliefs, but refuses to believe in it (jewish literature) when proves the fake messiahship of Jesus.
Ed Nydle
Graduated at «Bible Baptist College».   Owner of d 2house.org  twohouse.org and  uonyc.org
Appointed “rabbi” by the Christian missionary Moshe Koniuchowsky.  Trinitary.  Follower of the Sacred Name Movement (Adventist sect).
Eddie Chumney
Christian, evangelical.
Follower of the “Two Houses” Christian theory.
Glen McWilliams
Founder of tktorahkeepers.com   Member of «Michael Rood Ministries»
Promotes Michael Rood.
James Trimm
Independent, founder of http://www.nazarenebeitdin.com  and of SANJ (Society for Advancement of Nazarene Judaism)
«Netzarim».  Trinitary.  He has tried to hack websites where has been unmasked.  He liked to be called “rabbi Yoseph”.
Lew White
Christian, racist.  Owner and autor of fossilizedcustoms.com
Trinitary.  Follower of the adventist sect called “Sacred Name Movement” and the Christian theory called “Tow Houses”.  Believes that asian people and Caucasian people are genetically inferior to pure negroid race, which according to him, are the Perfect Race.
Marshall Koniuchowsky (aka  «Moshe Yoseph Koniuchowsky»)
Baptist Minister. Member of the “Evangelical Congregations Association”.  Founder of the missionary ministry «Your Arms To Israel» (yati).
Appointed “rabbi” by the Christians Angus and Batyah Wooten.  Preacher of the “Tow Houses” theory and the teaching of an Adventist sect called “Sacred Name Movement”.  Trinitary.  Author and editor of his own version of the Christian bible called “Restoration Scriptures of the True Name”.
Michael John Rood
Baptist Minister.  Founder of «Michael Rood Ministries»
Self-aapointed “rabbi” and “levite”.  After got unmasked as a false prophet, closed his website (www.6001. com).  Anti-halacha and anti-rabbinic.  Has tried to extend his ties to karaism.  Refers himself as “Christian” and “part of the Churuch”. Ilegally divorced.  Creator of new calendar and the Christian teaching of “shabbat according the moon”.

To say someone «christian», is not a insult or defamation.  This document doesn’t pretend insult or defame the people mentioned on it, whom in the best case are just christians who love hebrew language.  The objective is to show what they really are: christians, missionaries.
We respect honest christians that practice their christianity with honesty (without disguising themselves like «jewish»).

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